First GMRS, Then FRS, Now XRS?

TriSquare Electronics announced its entry into the two-way radio market with a line of frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) products in the 900MHz digital frequency band.

The new products will be branded XRS — for extreme radio service — to mark an evolution from FRS/GMRS product, said Gary Staley, TriSquare president.

XRS Radio

The use of the 900MHz band and FHSS ensures an interference-free radio call with a range “equal or greater” than existing FRS/GMRS radios, Staley said. As such, the company would be positioning its products at premium price points for the category, with two-packs at a suggested $99, $119 and $139.

The TSX100, 200 and 300 will feature 1,000, 10,000 and 10 billion channels, respectively. The radios will also support contact lists, call signaling and VOX. The top-line TSX300 will offer SMS text messaging, caller ID and NOAA weather alerts.

TriSquare will not advertise the range of its products in miles, Staley said.

SkipSanders over at the Popularwireless forums looked into it a further more and came up with this….

Further info on these, from the FCC certifications:
Frequency range: 906.275 – 923.750
Power Output Max: .945 watts

There is no such thing with these units as CTCSS or the like, simply ‘channels’.

The TSX-100 has channels 0-999, The TSX-200 has channels 0-9999, and the TSX-300 has channels 0-9999999999 plus NOAA weather recieve.

Set a unit to channel 12345, and it communicates with any other unit to channel 12345. IF the price is good, these might just do the job for quiet, semi-private communications for a LOT of users.

I notice there are some concerns about RF exposure at these frequencies, the manual offers cautions about not transmitting with the antenna closer than 2″ to the body, and the like, and only with a 50% duty cycle.

FCC ID for the 300 is: O9GTSX300

The unit hops on 50 discrete channels, and each frequency is on for only .392 seconds at a time, repeat time being 20 seconds (roughly)


One Response to First GMRS, Then FRS, Now XRS?

  1. PCK/NYC says:

    XRS, Yes sounds simply very spectacular bad news is that they have forgot to mention that this radios are not only unit ver expensive, but also can not operate radio to radio only with the means of using it needed specialized System, almost like a repeater system, which without it this radios cant function not even one foot apart.

    However should the buyer be willing to go for the extra expense then for close distance they will indeed blow away cellular service as well.

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